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Our lawyers are dedicated to delivering exceptional commercial legal services and building ongoing relationships with clients who value accessible, personable and dependable lawyers.

Michael Ku

Solicitor, Director and Founder

Michael has a long-held commitment to law and the legal profession. He says, “The opportunity to serve the community via the legal system, and fight for justice and inequality always seemed like very noble ideals to pursue.”

After excelling at legal studies in high school he knew he was on the right path with a career in law and went on to study law at university and work in a property and commercial law firm.

In 2006, he decided it was time for the next step, and opened the doors to MGL Lawyers – though at the time those were the doors to his own home as he started to build his own legal practice from the ground up.

Since then he’s grown the practice, which now operates from purpose-designed premises in Sydney’s CBD, driven by a desire to not just deliver great legal services but also develop ongoing relationships with clients who value accessible, personable and dependable lawyers.

Michael looks after property law matters and transactional work within the firm, and enjoys managing the practice.

 BCom, LLB (UNSW), Notary Public

Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and Hakka (dialect)

Personal qualities: Responsive, strategic, flexible, easygoing.

Conversation starter: Ask Michael about his family, tech stuff or soccer (he’s such a huge soccer fan he wakes up without the need to set an alarm when a live English Premier League match is on TV at 3am).

Lawrence Liew

Solicitor, Director

Just three days into his career as a legal professional, Lawrence was asked to instruct a barrister throughout a three-day hearing. He was “chucked in the deep end” – but quickly learnt to swim and has since developed a masterful stroke in the dynamic world of litigation.

He says, “Litigation can be very exhausting particularly when the matter is highly complex and the stakes are high. However, litigation excites me because of the need to think on my feet and to bring solutions to my clients’ complex problems. I enjoy the intensity it brings and learnt early on to prepare cases thoroughly and stay objective.”

Meeting people from different backgrounds and listening to clients share their stories is what he loves most about his role. He says, “I look forward to going into the office every day because I know I can make a difference to my clients’ businesses and personal lives through my professional training as a lawyer.”

Qualifications:  BA (USyd), Diploma in Law (LPAB)

Languages: English, Mandarin, Hokkien (dialect)

Personal qualities: Honest, empathetic, outgoing.

Conversation starter: Ask Lawrence about cricket or family (he’s a level 1 Community Cricket Coach and Umpire and loves watching his son play cricket).

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